Living Hope Church Ministries

About Us

This ministry is not the ordinary “run of the mill” ministry.  Our assignment is to motivate you (God’s people) to live and walk in what Jesus called “life more abundantly.”  Of course we are expected to walk in the newness of life, but that is where a lot of believers stop.  Christ offers us so much more.  You need to find your purpose or your God ordained destiny.  Then you need to learn how to benefit from the vast resources God has placed upon the earth for you (i.e that vision to start your own business) or developing skills for other successful ventures.  God has made all this available for us as believers, and we will teach you through God’s Word how to obtain it.

Come and Visit!

We'd love to have you join us this week. Remember, as long as their's a God, there IS HOPE!.

2217 Daly Waldrop Rd
Kinston, NC 28501

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